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2024 | Petrol | 5 425 km
₹ 6 35 000

Wagon R ZXI

2023 | Petrol | 10 608 km
₹ 5 70 000

Wagon R LXI

2023 | Petrol | 40 786 km
₹ 5 30 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 11589 *

Wagon R VXI

2023 | Petrol | 10 521 km
₹ 6 00 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 13120 *

Wagon R VXI

2023 | Petrol | 18 790 km
₹ 5 50 000
2023 | CNG | 49 014 km
₹ 7 35 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 16072 *

Wagon R VXI

2023 | Petrol | 12 508 km
₹ 6 50 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 14213 *

Wagon R ZXI

2023 | Petrol | 38 793 km
₹ 5 60 000
2023 | CNG | 26 262 km
₹ 6 35 000
2023 | CNG | 9 733 km
₹ 6 99 000
2023 | Petrol | 8 630 km
₹ 5 85 000
2023 | CNG | 35 831 km
₹ 5 45 000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mileage of Second hand Wagon R?

The 1.0 L Petrol offers 24.35* km/l and automatic(AGS) offers 25.19* km/l. The 1.2L petrol delivers 23.56* km/l and 24.43* km/l in Automatic (AGS). The 1.0 L S-CNG provides a staggering 34.05* km/kg.

*As certified by the Test Agency under Rule 115(G) of CMVR 1989

What is the Price of Old Wagon R?

Wagon R is available in different variants at True Value dealerships. Ultimately, the price depends on the used car you choose. That you can check here.

Is it good to buy Wagon R?

Yes, Wagon R is one of the best-selling hatchbacks in the Indian market all thanks to its practical design, space on offer, and fuel-efficient performance.

Which used Wagon R model is the best?

Each variant has its USPs. You can check out stock of used Wagon R cars available at your nearest True Value dealership before finalizing your purchase.

Buy Certified Used Wagon R from True Value

One of the best-selling cars in India for over two decades now, Wagon R has been among the top choices for buyers who are looking for a hatchback that is practical and utilitarian. The tall boy design of the old Wagon R was a functional choice that was aimed at making the car more practical than any other hatchback on sale. The popularity of the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R can be gauged by the fact that it remains one of the most sought-after cars in the second-hand market. Maruti Wagon R, built upon the core value of practicality, remains an all-rounder in the Indian passenger car market.

Buy Used Wagon R from Maruti Suzuki True Value

Maruti Suzuki is renowned for making cars that perform well and are practical and easy to maintain. While it is well-equipped for outstation and highway trips, it is in city conditions where Maruti Suzuki Wagon R performs the best. The steering is super light and the car’s compact dimensions allow you to easily manoeuvre it in and out of small spaces. Even at high speeds, the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R stays planted. The tall boy design of the car also provides a good view of the road ahead. The suspension absorbs most of the bumps on the roads, and the braking feel and feedback are consistent as well.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Exteriors

Since its debut, the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has evolved in its design. The tall boy look is a definite characteristic of Wagon R which makes it easily identifiable on the road. The design also makes getting in and out of the car easy while liberating a great amount of headroom. The large windows on Wagon R make the cabin feel quite airy. Models manufactured after 2010 sport a blue tinge on the pilot lights that gave Maruti Suzuki Wagon R its “Blue Eyed Boy” tagline. The front of the car has a large, curvy radiator grille that is split by a body-coloured bumper. This gives it an appealing section. The tail section has tall taillights along with chrome garnish. The rear quarter glass is integrated into the rear window, which has reduced the length of the C-pillar.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Interiors

Interiors of Maruti Wagon R, be it LX, LXi or VXi variants, get the two-tone black and grey or black and beige treatment with both the steering wheel and dashboard featuring this colour scheme. The car gets a new elliptical gear knob that has good ergonomics. The switches and stalks also get the same colour treatment. Depending on the variant, like Wagon R VXi, you get features like a defogger and wipers, fog lamps, a tachometer, an in-dash music system, and front and rear power windows that come with a child lock. There is also a removable storage basket under the co-passenger seat in the Wagon R VXi variant. This basket sits below the passenger seat. You cannot only store documents like netbooks, cash, etc. in this basket but you can also use it as a small shopping basket since it is detachable. This thoughtfulness makes the car more practical, and your life easier.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Engine and Transmission Options

The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R boasts of the acclaimed K-series engine. The unit is a 3-cylinder K10B engine that is available with both Manual and Auto Gear Shift transmission options. The engine, in this state of tune, makes 50kW @ 5500 rpm of power and 90Nm @ 3500 rpm of torque. It is refined at idle and quite smooth and responsive to drive. Since Wagon R’s engine is tuned for everyday city driving, there is a good torque spread which makes the power more accessible which, in turn, makes overtaking, easy. The power delivery is smooth and linear and is delivered through a 5-speed manual gearbox which is very precise and slots into position very smoothly. Suzuki Wagon R also gets a solid sub-frame on which the suspension is mounted. The car also has a three-point arm with a three-link rigid axle with a trailing arm at the rear. This makes the Wagon R stable even at high speeds.

Features, Safety & Reliability of Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

For ensuring the safety of the driver and the passengers, the car comes with features like Driver side airbag, front and rear fog lamps, and seatbelts. As for comfort, Maruti Suzuki Wagon R VXI, the top variant gets a music system with complete USB connectivity, an AUX-in port with a highly improved control panel.

Quality-wise, the materials used in Wagon R are of good quality, something that you can always come to expect from Maruti Suzuki. The quality of the exterior material is good and the same goes for the interior materials. The overall build is robust which makes the Wagon R a reliable car that can easily handle tough conditions without any dip in its performance.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Variants

Depending on the powertrain you choose, you get three variants in Maruti Suzuki Wagon R. These include: -

Wagon R LX

Wagon R LXi

Wagon R VXi

All these variants are available in petrol while CNG is available in the LXI variant. You can select an old Wagon R depending on the features you want in your car.

Buying a Used Maruti Suzuki Wagon R from True Value

Maruti Suzuki, which is India’s largest car manufacturer, was among the first OEMs to enter the second-hand car market. Since its foray into the used car market, Maruti Suzuki has introduced a number of innovations that have revolutionised the face of the used car market in India – these include the Maruti Suzuki True Value mobile app that makes the car buying process a seamless experience and provides a digitally-driven approach to the services and facilities provided. Maruti Suzuki True Value, just like its parent company, boasts of a countrywide network and world-class customer services. Therefore, rest assured as you will find the best second-hand Wagon R cars in stock here.

Benefits of Buying a Used Wagon R from Maruti Suzuki True Value

Get a dedicated relationship officer

Whichever True Value outlet you visit, as soon as you have completed the registration, a dedicated relationship manager will be assigned to you. The relationship manager will sit down with you and will understand your requirements and preferences. After understanding your need, your relationship manager will show certified pre-owned Wagon R cars available in stock that meet your requirements. The relationship manager will also help you in selecting the right variant of the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, take a test drive of the same, and help with the documentation work.

QR Code

All cars at Maruti Suzuki True Value have a QR code. This QR code can be scanned using the True Value app. When you do this at a True Value outlet for a Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, this will allow you to get detailed information on the car right on your phone’s phone, right from the variant i.e. Wagon R LXI or VXI, the number of kilometres driven, year of manufacture, and a lot more.

Book a Test Drive through the App

Maruti Suzuki True Value has made second-hand car buying a seamless experience with the introduction of the True Value App. The app is one of the most feature-rich apps in the market and gives you the freedom to look for second-hand Wagon R cars from the comfort of your home. There are a number of filters that you can use to search for a used Wagon R that meets your criteria. The next step is to book a test drive through the app. When you arrive at the outlet at the pre-designated time, you will find the car ready for the test drive.

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