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Wagon R VXI

2022 | CNG | 10 904 km
₹ 7 75 000
2022 | Petrol | 11 570 km
₹ 6 70 000

Wagon R LXI

2022 | CNG | 19 000 km
₹ 6 50 000
2022 | Petrol | 7 126 km
₹ 5 55 000
2022 | Petrol | 5 177 km
₹ 6 10 000

Wagon R ZXI 1.2L

2022 | Petrol | 29 373 km
₹ 5 90 000
2022 | Petrol | 8 239 km
₹ 7 10 000

Wagon R LXI

2022 | CNG | 16 463 km
₹ 6 50 000
2022 | Petrol | 3 326 km
₹ 6 90 000
2022 | Petrol | 41 126 km
₹ 6 50 000
2022 | CNG | 27 357 km
₹ 6 25 000
2022 | Petrol | 6 732 km
₹ 5 50 000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mileage of a second-hand WagonR?

As certified by Test Agency under Rule 115 (G) of CMVR 1989, with the 1.0L engine, the new-gen WagonR delivers a fuel efficiency of 21.79 km/l in both manual and automatic variants and 32.52 km/kg in the S-CNG variant. On the other hand, the 1.2L petrol engine delivers 20.52 km/l with both automatic and manual transmissions. The mileage of a second hand WagonR will depend on how old it is, its maintenance, and engine condition. When you buy a second hand WagonR from Maruti Suzuki True Value, you can go through its specifications and compare it with other options to choose the car that suits your needs the best.

What is the price of old WagonR?

The price of a second hand WagonR at True Value varies based on the stock available, with certified cars available from INR 1.8L onwards. The price will predominantly be based on the year of manufacture and fuel option you choose. Apart from this, other factors that will affect the price of the second hand WagonR include kilometers covered, condition of the car, number of owners, etc. You can easily compare different cars at Maruti Suzuki True Value based on their price to find one that fits your needs and budget.

Is it a good idea to buy a used WagonR?

Yes. Buying a used WagonR is a great idea. Offering ample comfort and an efficient performance, the hatchback has always been a popular option among Indian car buyers ever since its launch. When you buy a used WagonR from Maruti Suzuki True Value, you get all that the hatchback has to offer, with the added benefits of being able to buy a certified pre-owned car, wide range of cars to choose from, and hassle-free services like finance and insurance.

Which used WagonR variant is best?

"Equipped with a wide range of features and top-of-the-line specifications, different variants of the WagonR cater to different needs. Choosing the right second hand WagonR variant depends on what features you are looking for and your budget. You can check the features and specifications of the available 2nd hand WagonR and compare them for making your choice.

The first generation WagonR was available in LX, LXI, VXI, and AX variants, while the second generation came with LX, LXI, and VXI variants. Now, in its third generation, the WagonR is available with 2 engine options – the 1.0L K10B engine and the 1.2L K12M engine. With the K10B engine, the WagonR is available in the LXI, LXI (O), VXI, VXI (O) variants, where the VXI and VXI (O) variants also come with the option of an automatic transmission (AGS). With the K12M engine, you can choose from the VXI, VIX (O), and ZXI variants, all of which are also available with automatic transmissions."

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Swift VXI

2012 | Petrol | 14,743 km

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