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Celerio VXI

2023 | Petrol | 1 139 km
₹ 6 10 000

Celerio ZXI

2022 | Petrol | 3 500 km
₹ 5 75 000

Celerio ZXI

2022 | Petrol | 578 km
₹ 6 10 000

Celerio ZXI (O)

2022 | Petrol | 6 299 km
₹ 6 50 000

Celerio ZXI

2022 | Petrol | 2 155 km
₹ 6 45 000

Celerio ZXI

2022 | Petrol | 7 747 km
₹ 5 97 000

Celerio VXI

2022 | CNG | 24 685 km
₹ 6 75 000

Celerio VXI

2022 | Petrol | 3 216 km
₹ 5 90 000

Celerio ZXI (O)

2022 | Petrol | 3 969 km
₹ 6 65 000
2022 | Petrol | 22 019 km
₹ 5 50 000
2022 | Petrol | 4 220 km
₹ 4 60 000

Celerio ZXI

2022 | Petrol | 20 675 km
₹ 6 10 000

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best used Celerio variant?

The second-hand Celerio is available in four manual and three automatic variants – the LXI MT, VXI MT, ZXI MT, and ZXI+ MT and the VXI AGS, ZXI AGS, and ZXI+ AGS. Promising a lively driving experience, each variant comes with its own set of features that you can explore to choose the right car for you. From the base model, Celerio LXI MT, to the top model, Celerio ZXI+ AGS, the entire line-up offers good fuel efficiency and a power packed performance. The automatic variants of the Celerio come with the AGS technology that offers enhanced driving convenience. You can choose a second-hand Celerio based on the features you want in your car and your budget.

Which colour is the best in Celerio?

You can buy a used Celerio in the following colors based on your preference and the stock availability - white, caffeine brown, glistering grey, silky silver, fire red, or speedy blue. While the white, grey, and silver shades add a sober and sophisticated flair; the red, brown, and blue make the design look even more classy. The color preference is, of course, a matter of personal choice but you can rest assured that a True Value certified used Celerio will be great condition and offer hassle-free ownership.

Is a used Celerio AMT worth buying?

The Celerio AMT makes for a great buy owing to the driving convenience it offers. Second hand Celerio automatic variants are equipped with the revolutionary AGS technology by Maruti Suzuki that comes with a futuristic two-pedal operation that offers you synchronized control over the engine, gear shifts, and clutch for a smooth ride. AGS technology offers the fuel efficiency of a manual transmission along with the fuel efficiency of an automatic. The Celerio VXI, ZXI, and ZXI+ come with automatic transmission options.

What is the mileage of a second hand Maruti Suzuki Celerio?

The mileage of a second-hand Maruti Suzuki Celerio will vary from car to car. As certified by the Test Agency under rule (G) of CMVR 1989, the 1st Gen Celerio delivers 23.10 km/l*. However, the actual fuel efficiency of the car also depends on its age, maintenance, tyre condition, alignment, etc., so make sure you check the details of the second-hand Maruti Suzuki Celerio that you are planning to buy.

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Swift VXI

2012 | Petrol | 14,743 km

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