Why Us?

As an organization, Maruti Suzuki is driven by quality and competence that empowers us to push the limits of engineering and innovation, both integral in equal measure to help us redefine industry standards benchmarks in India’s highly competitive automobile industry. We at Maruti Suzuki respect our employees and believe in equality. Our work culture isn’t bound by boundaries; it is about sharing the zeal and passion to keep innovating, and to push the envelope of Maruti Suzuki as the most preferred automobile brand in the country.

The philosophy with which we undertake our recruitment drives is clear and straightforward – we are looking for those who share our obsession to delight customers, and who can take well-thought, sensible decisions in complex situations.

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Grow on the job

We provide ample opportunities for learning and growth through hands-on experience and rigorous training sessions along with cross-functional exposure to know and understand each and every division which contributes to making Maruti Suzuki the brand that it is today.

In tandem, the organization has also created an ecosystem in which there are ample opportunities for growth, sports and adventure – from motorsport to social volunteering with communities – the entire gamut lends an all-round perspective of not just the workplace, but life.

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Recruitment process

You are welcome to submit your resume on our website for current or future openings. The same will be stored and maintained in our database, and we'll contact you in case the recruitment starts and we find your profile suitable as per our requirement.