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2023 | CNG | 27 297 km
₹ 7 35 000

Eeco STD 7-STR

2023 | Petrol | 5 865 km
₹ 6 90 000
2023 | Petrol | 45 858 km
₹ 5 20 000
2023 | Petrol | 27 500 km
₹ 5 60 000
2023 | Petrol | 17 472 km
₹ 5 80 000
2023 | Petrol | 10 367 km
₹ 5 90 000
2023 | Petrol | 80 261 km
₹ 6 25 000
2023 | CNG | 1 161 km
₹ 6 75 000
2023 | Petrol | 8 937 km
₹ 5 95 000

Eeco 5-STR

2023 | Petrol | 52 706 km
₹ 5 50 000
2023 | CNG | 19 316 km
₹ 6 75 000

Eeco 5-STR

2023 | Petrol | 12 981 km
₹ 5 85 000

Frequently Asked Questions

How many vans are on sale at True Value?

With a pan-India network of over 552 outlets across 272 cities, Maruti Suzuki True Value has an expansive range of used cars and vans available for sale all over the country. However, you can use the Maruti Suzuki True Value app or website to check out the used vans available at nearby outlets. We maintain a real-time inventory of the available cars that you can explore with ease at any time.

Are vans a sensible choice?

Yes. Vans are designed for space and safety and are suitable for personal as well as commercial use. Offering easy ingress and egress, ample storage and passenger space, and much more, the van is one of the most sensible vehicles that you can buy.

Are vans good for long drives?

Yes. The primary focus of any van’s design is on space and comfort, which makes it a very good option for not only enjoying road trips but enjoying road trips with your entire family. The van promises complete comfort for the driver and for every passenger, ensuring ample legroom, headroom, and elbowroom for all passengers, as well as for all their luggage.

What are the best van models available at Maruti Suzuki True Value?

Maruti Suzuki True Value has an expansive range of vans that you can explore to find the one that suits your needs and budget. One of the most popular models that you can consider is the Maruti Suzuki Eeco, which is available in Standard and AC variants and in a 5-seater and 7-seater option.

Is there any warranty or free services that are provided with vans at Maruti Suzuki True Value?

Yes. When you buy a True Value Certified van from Maruti Suzuki True Value, you also get 3 free services* and warranty for up to 1 year*.

*Warranty and free services available only with select models.

Maruti Suzuki True Value | Used Vans

If you’re looking for versatility among used cars, a van may be just what you are looking for. Also known as minivans, vans are designed with a special focus on space, and are great for transporting cargo as well as people. The best second-hand vans are available in a one-box or two-box design and equipped with a flat floor, higher roof, and sliding doors in the rear for easy ingress and egress or for easy loading and unloading. Quite a popular option in used cars, vans can be used as commercial as well as personal vehicles.

Why are Used Vans a Preferred Choice for Used Car Buyers?

If you are looking at second-hand cars for sale, a van makes a lot of sense. Here’s why:

Space Personalisation: When you buy a used minivan, one of the best advantages you get is the freedom to use the car as you want. With ample space available, you can add extra seating, make a storage area, or even throw down some cushions in the rear. It is up to you!

Travel with the Entire Family: You can buy the best used family van and start making your travel plans. Most reliable used vans have double rows of seats to accommodate a fair number of people, while also ensuring enough flexibility to store luggage, camping gear, etc. with ease. A used family van is also the best option for one-vehicle families.

Lower Ownership Costs: Savings are a given when you opt to buy second-hand cars. But with a van, you also have the advantage of low maintenance and ownership costs. You can also get relatively cheaper insurance, even for the best used minivan you buy.

Ample Storage Space: Another reason why you should consider checking out used minivans for sale is for the storage space they offer. Vans are built for this purpose and have several compartments and areas where you can put all your belongings without crowding the passengers.

Easy Access: If you look at the available minivans for sale, you will be able to notice that they are built quite close to the ground. This makes getting into the car and getting out very convenient for everyone, from small kids to elders. Additionally, you will find that all minivans for sale come with sliding doors in the rear, which make ingress and egress even easier.

Buy with Complete Trust from Maruti Suzuki True Value

If you want to buy the best second-hand van that perfectly fits your requirements, you can explore a wide range of the most reliable used vans at Maruti Suzuki True Value.

Ensuring that the experience is no different than that of buying a new car, Maruti Suzuki True Value offers a selection of high quality used cars for sale, including vans.

Every True Value certified car undergoes a digital evaluation on 376 checkpoints to ensure its good condition.

Apart from this, you also do not have to worry about any discrepancies when you buy your van, as used cars for sale at Maruti Suzuki True Value come with a verified history. You can rest assured that all the original documents of the available used minivans for sale, including the registration certificate, insurance, chassis and registration numbers, etc. have been checked, along with the owner’s profile and car’s service history, to ensure the car documents match the owner’s history.

Maruti Suzuki True Value also promises a seamless buying experience as you look for the right van. The range of used cars for sale available at Maruti Suzuki True Value can be explored from the comfort of your home through the Maruti Suzuki True Value app or website, where you also have the option to book a test drive online at a nearby outlet.

The app and website also provide all the necessary information you need about the available used cars for sale.

Buying a van at Maruti Suzuki True Value also comes with complete buying assistance throughout, seamless documentation processes, and a myriad of value-added services, like insurance, finance, genuine accessories, and much more, all under one roof, catering to all your car-buying needs. Another advantage of buying True Value certified cars is that they also come with 3 free services* and a warranty of up to 1 year*.

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Swift VXI

2012 | Petrol | 14,743 km

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