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The True Value Advantage

At Maruti Suzuki True Value, the term ‘True Value’ takes on an all-important meaning. It is a sum of key aspects that every True Value certified pre-owned car adheres to, and value-adds that the car comes with, to ensure transparency, reliability and most importantly, customer delight. Know More

Ensuring Complete Transparency

One of the biggest concerns that every pre-owned car buyer has is the condition of the car which he or she has selected. Whether it’s the exterior, the engine or the overall maintenance, every True Value certified car is available with its complete service and ownership history. And that’s how we ensure you know your pre-owned car well enough, before you take it home.

  • Genuine, up-to-date car information
  • Clear details provided
  • Every query answered
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Evaluation Dosen't Get More Detailed Than This

Our car evaluation process is based on a simple objective – to evaluate every pre-owned car from the inside out. To ensure the same, our evaluators use a digital application to assess every car on multiple aspects including engine, suspension, brakes, electrical fittings and equipment, transmission and steering control, which covers the car’s complete health, and also reduces any chances of human error during evaluation.

  • Digital Evaluation Process
  • Step-by-step evaluation of the car
  • Evaluation done by trained evaluators
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Leave The Paperwork To Us

Buying a pre-owned car should not mean being tied up in paperwork for aspects like RC Transfer, insurance or finance, to name a few. That is why at Maruti Suzuki True Value, our dedicated Relationship Officers take care of all the paperwork in the most seamless and efficient manner.

  • All paperwork addressed under one roof
  • Dedicated Relationship Officer
  • Simple process for a delightful experience
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What You See Online Is What You Get At The Showroom

The new face of True Value represents the customer of today who starts his car buying journey online. That is why the True Value website and app are seamlessly integrated to provide the most convenient pre-owned car buying experience for the customers.

  • Book a test drive online
  • Real-time availability on app or website
  • Smart, digitalized experience at True Value showrooms
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Experience The True Value App

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