Selling :

Please submit your details to ‘Request for Evaluation’, and an authorized True Value evaluator will come and evaluate the Pre-Owned car right at your doorstep or at your nearest outlet.

You can also visit any of our Maruti Suzuki True Value outlets in your city. With presence in 936 cities across the country, you can use Dealer Locator to find the nearest outlet.

Our evaluators carry out a comprehensive quality check to evaluate a Pre-Owned car. You can submit your request for evaluation online, after which a True Value authorized evaluator, will evaluate your car, at your doorstep or at the nearest True Value outlet.

You can get your car evaluated at your doorstep, by submitting a request for evaluation online on the website or the mobile app. You can also visit any True Value outlet near you for the said purpose.

Maruti Suzuki True Value has an exhaustive check list of 376 quality checkpoints, including thorough inspection of exteriors, interiors, structural damage, and engine for mechanical wear and tear.

You do not need to pay any additional charges or commissions when you get your car evaluated. The same applies when you sell your car to a Maruti Suzuki True Value outlet.

The True Value price of your car is calculated through Maruti Suzuki True Value’s digital evaluation process to give you the most realistic price. With this systematic process at hand that negates any chances of human error, the evaluation is completely transparent, and the value of the car offered is as accurate as can be.

Once you decide to sell your car to Maruti Suzuki True Value, our professionals ensure that all the documentation is done smoothly. Thereafter, we make the payment in full.

We also ensure that your car goes into the right hands by verifying the bona fides of the next buyer. Also, we transfer the ownership to the next buyer, thereby eliminating any kind of post-sale hassles.

Once you sell your car to us, it will undergo a stringent quality assessment which will be followed by a refurbishment process to ensure that it is in top condition, after which it will be put on sale. Your car is sold only after proper verification of the background of the buyer, and proper ownership transfer. A proof of the transferred RC is kept in our records, and upon your request we can send it to you.

The payment is made at the earliest* and in full once the seller’s i.e. your bona fides are verified at the RTO.

When you come for a car evaluation at any of the Maruti Suzuki True Value outlets, you need to bring the following documents:

  • Identity proof
  • RC book
  • Car insurance policy
  • Detail of loan or NOC hypothecation from any financial institution
  • Dealer invoice
  • Service manual
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

Car Insurance is mandated by law, so whether it is an old car you have or a relatively new one, it is always ideal that your car is insured. And yes of course, it does play a role in the car’s price after evaluation.

If your car is hypothecated to the loan providing bank, you can only sell it once you have repaid the loan amount in full and got the hypothecation removed.

Yes, you can sell your leased car to Maruti Suzuki True Value, provided the leasing company allows you to sell the car prior to the expiration of the lease and as per provision of foreclosure in such arrangement. However, Maruti Suzuki True Value does not purchase Pre-Owned cars that have been previously used for commercial purposes.

General FAQs :

No, you do not need to do that. You can simply request for an evaluation through the website or mobile app, and we shall get in touch with you. You can also visit a Maruti Suzuki True Value dealer in your city for the same purpose.

However, registering online will allow you to know about the latest offers, promotions, discounts and customer events at Maruti Suzuki True Value.

You can visit our website www.marutisuzukitruevalue.com and use the Sign-In link on the top right of the page to register. Alternatively, you can also register by downloading our mobile app, and using the ‘sign in’ functionality.

For that, you can use the ‘Forgot Password’ section on the website / App to receive an OTP on your email / mobile number. You can then use the OTP to reset your password.

Though you can register with your mobile number; it is always beneficial to use an email address. Creating a new email address will not take much time, and you will also be able to receive personalized alerts directly in your inbox.

You can pay in a number of ways; including by cash, pay order, credit card, cheque, demand draft, etc. We also have affiliations with a number of financial institutions, and can assist you in availing Pre-Owned car loans.

Yes, we do accept car exchange.

If you need to buy or sell your car, you can simply submit a request for car evaluation by visiting the website or mobile app. To start the process, our authorized True Value evaluator will evaluate your car right at your doorstep or at your nearest True Value Outlet.

If you plan to buy a Maruti Suzuki True Value Certified Pre-Owned car :

  1. You can visit our website or mobile app to browse through the various Pre-Owned cars available.
  2. Filter as per your Location and Price Range.
  3. Select a Pre-Owned car, provide your basic details, and book a test drive.
    Or, you can simply walk into a Maruti Suzuki True Value showroom near you; it is all as per what’s convenient for you.

Buying :

At Maruti Suzuki True Value, your peace of mind is our first priority. Along with expertise and trust, True Value also offers a number of advantages, namely:

  • Largest Pre-Owned car dealer network in India
  • Over 1190 outlets in 936 cities across the country as on March 2017
  • Car finance, insurance, accessories and car servicing also available
  • Trained professionals
  • Thorough quality checks are performed on the cars
  • Pre-Owned cars purchased only from bona fide, verified owners
  • Warranty of up to 1 year*
  • 3 free service*
  • All True Value Certified cars are refurbished with Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts
  • *Only applicable for True Value Certified cars.

Every Maruti Suzuki True Value certified Pre-Owned car comes with the seal of quality assurance. You get a warranty of up to one year and three free service. Certification implies that the Pre-Owned car has gone through a comprehensive quality check, and has been ascertained to the True Value standards. Moreover, the cars are refurbished only with Maruti Suzuki genuine parts (MSGP) by trained professionals at the state-of-the-art Maruti Suzuki authorized workshops. The bona fides of the car sellers are thoroughly verified as well.

Maruti Suzuki True Value follows a comprehensive 376 checkpoints based evaluation which ensures that all the Pre-Owned cars are in good condition at the time of sale.

Yes. There are two categories for warranties provided by True Value.

CategoryAge of VehicleKMs on the vehicleCoverage
Premium True Value*Up to 4 years oldUp to 1 Lakh km1 year from date of sale, or 15000 km, whichever comes first
Standard True Value*4 – 7 years oldUp to 1 Lakh km6 months from the date of sale, or 7500 km, whichever comes first

*Note: If a Pre-Owned car has a valid warranty period at the time of sale, the Maruti Suzuki True Value warranty will begin after its pre-stated warranty period gets over.

Yes. After the purchase of a Maruti Suzuki True Value certified Pre-Owned car, you will be entitled to 3 free service at the workshops of any Maruti Suzuki True Value after-sales service center.

  • 1st Free Service: 1000 – 1500 km or within 45 – 60 days, whichever comes first.
  • 2nd Free Service: 5000 – 5500 km or within 90 – 120 days, whichever comes first.
  • 3rd Free Service: 10000 – 10500 km or within 210 – 240 days, whichever comes first.

Yes. There are a number of affordable finance options available. To find out more, you can simply visit the nearest True Value outlet to get details on the same.

Once Registration Certificate(RC) name transfer has been completed, old car insurance can be transferred in your name within 10 days.

There are a number of affordable finance options available. The requirements for a car loan will vary basis the financer/banks’ eligibility criteria and credit policy.

The documents that you will need to submit for a car loan will also vary. However, the common documents required are:

  • Proof of Age
  • Identity Proof
  • Proof of Income
  • Address Proof
  • Proof of Signature

When you buy a Pre-Owned car from us, you will receive the following documents:

  • Booking Form
  • Delivery Letter
  • Certificate (only for True Value Certified cars)
  • Service manual
  • Insurance Policy
  • Registration Certificate (if not hypothecated)
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

Yes, there is an array of accessories available for different Maruti Suzuki models. Please visit your nearest outlet to get more details.