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10+ year

Dzire VXI

2022 | CNG | 10 310 km
₹ 8 40 000

Dzire ZXI

Navi Mumbai
2022 | Petrol | 6 048 km
₹ 7 80 000

Dzire VXI

2022 | Petrol | 21 790 km
₹ 7 50 000


2022 | Petrol | 2 609 km
₹ 9 00 000

Dzire VXI

2022 | CNG | 22 359 km
₹ 8 45 000
2022 | CNG | 6 877 km
₹ 9 25 000

Dzire VXI

2022 | Petrol | 20 590 km
₹ 7 95 000

Dzire VXI

2022 | Petrol | 2 630 km
₹ 7 10 000
2022 | CNG | 11 233 km
₹ 9 25 000

Dzire LXI

2022 | CNG | 7 182 km
₹ 7 20 000

Dzire VXI

2022 | Petrol | 20 900 km
₹ 8 15 000

Dzire VXI

2022 | Petrol | 10 224 km
₹ 7 70 000

Frequently Asked Questions

Which variant of Dzire is best?

If you prefer to buy a second-hand Dzire, the car is available in seven variants - LXI, VXI, VXI AGS, ZXI, ZXI AGS, ZXI+ and ZXI+ AGS. LXI is the base variant of Dzire with a 5-speed manual transmission which has all the notable features like rear parking sensors, idle start/stop, tilt steering etc. VXI variant is the variant above that features like a 4-speaker music system, all power windows, rear AC vents and much more. The ZXI variant offers additional features like LED projector headlamps, LED DRLs, auto-folding outside camera etc. The ZXI+ is the top variant of the Maruti Suzuki Dzire if you want to buy a second-hand Dzire that adds a feel-good feature to the overall car driving experience. Based on the features you required in your second-hand Dzire, you can select from the different variants that suit your budget and preferences.

What is the starting price of used Dzire?

The price of a second-hand Dzire is in the range of INR 1-9 lakhs. You can check the exact price of the Dzire that matches all your preferences on the Maruti Suzuki True Value showroom or website. The price of a second-hand Maruti Suzuki Dzire depends on several factors like age of the car, kilometers the car has run, servicing history, running condition, number of owners the car has had, year of registration etc. The price of a second-hand Dzire also depends on which variant you prefer to buy.

Is used dzire a good car?

Yes. A used Maruti Suzuki Dzire is a good car to buy. It offers great performance with a power-packed engine and other additional features. Stylish, comfortable, and low on maintenance, it is one of the most selling cars in India in the automobile market among various car buyers. You can select from the wide range of used Dzire in all variants from Maruti Suzuki True Value with free services* and warranty* at fair prices with seamless paperwork.

Is second hand Dzire worth buying?

Yes. If you want to buy a second-hand car, Dzire is a great buy. At Maruti Suzuki True Value, all certified pre-owned cars are thoroughly evaluated and checked for previous ownership and service history. Buying your second-hand car from Maruti Suzuki True Value gives you a wide range of car options that are available for you at fair and transparent prices.

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Swift VXI

2012 | Petrol | 14,743 km

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