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Dzire ZXI

Guwahati | 3 Kms Away
2021 | Petrol | 68 329 km
₹ 6 60 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 14432 *


Guwahati | 3 Kms Away
2018 | Petrol | 81 330 km
₹ 5 50 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 12027 *

Dzire VXI

Guwahati | 6 Kms Away
2018 | Petrol | 62 986 km
₹ 5 90 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 12901 *

Dzire VXI

Guwahati | 6 Kms Away
2017 | Petrol | 33 408 km
₹ 5 45 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 11917 *

Dzire VXI

Guwahati | 8 Kms Away
2020 | Petrol | 70 535 km
₹ 6 20 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 13557 *

Dzire VXI

Guwahati | 24 Kms Away
2020 | Petrol | 46 038 km
₹ 6 00 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 13120 *

Dzire VXI

Guwahati | 24 Kms Away
2017 | Petrol | 81 793 km
₹ 5 25 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 11480 *


Guwahati | 24 Kms Away
2017 | Petrol | 38 435 km
₹ 5 05 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 11043 *

Dzire VXI

Guwahati | 24 Kms Away
2014 | Petrol | 68 094 km
₹ 4 00 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 8746 *

Dzire VXI

Guwahati | 24 Kms Away
2012 | Petrol | 52 000 km
₹ 3 25 000


Guwahati | 3 Kms Away
2018 | Petrol | 35 000 km
₹ 6 00 000


Guwahati | 3 Kms Away
2018 | Petrol | 1 22 046 km
₹ 5 00 000

Purchase Certified Second-Hand Cars in Guwahati

Your search for the best second-hand cars in Guwahati comes to a close at Maruti Suzuki True Value, the top second hand car showroom in Guwahati. Maruti Suzuki True Value has established  7 showrooms in Guwahati at different locations within the city, to help you find top quality second hand cars.

To make the process for buying second-hand cars in Guwahati easier, Maruti Suzuki True Value offers mobile apps for Android and iOS as well as a website where you can browse the used cars in Guwahati that are available at True Value. Once you have shortlisted the second-hand cars in Guwahati that you like, you can also book a test drive online. Every second hand car in Guwahati undergoes 376 checks for stringent quality assurance. This helps us ensure that only the best pre-owned cars are made available to our customers.

Buy the Best Used Cars in Guwahati

At Maruti Suzuki True Value, our aim is to make the buying process for second hand cars in Guwahati as convenient as possible for our customers. To make that happen, we have now undertaken a digitally driven approach. From an integrated car showroom experience to a digital evaluation process which reduces any chance of human error; from an Outlet Locator to an EMI calculator on both the website and app which helps you make an informed decision when it comes to buying second hand cars in Guwahati; the experience of buying a used car in Guwahati from True Value is customer-centric and hassle-free like no other. We also prioritize on customer convenience with services like car evaluation at your home in Guwahati for old cars that you may wish to exchange.

Top Reasons to Buy From Maruti Suzuki True Value

Verified Car History

At Maruti Suzuki True Value, certified pre-owned cars in Guwahati are accompanied by verified car history, the key aspects of which include the year of manufacture, kilometres driven, and the number of previous owners. This gives the customer an honest, transparent view of a second-hand car for sale in Guwahati that he may be looking to buy.

Quick and Seamless Documentation

Paperwork is an important part of the buying process for second hand Maruti Suzuki cars in Guwahati and at Maruti Suzuki True Value we understand this all too well. That is why our relationship officers take care of it all so that you don’t have to worry when you are considering the used cars for sale at a True value in Guwahati.

376 Quality Checks

All used cars for sale in Guwahati undergo 376 quality checks before they are True Value certified. These checks include engine, suspension, transmission, exterior, interior, and a lot more.

Digital and Hassle-Free

At Maruti Suzuki True Value’s second hand car showrooms in Guwahati, you get to explore a wide range of certified pre-owned cars via the website or the Maruti Suzuki True Value mobile apps. Once you have narrowed down your preferences, you can book a test drive for second hand Maruti Suzuki cars in Guwahati through either of these platforms.

You can also book a car evaluation online or make use of the EMI calculator to estimate your down payment and EMIs based on the pre-owned car you prefer.

Experience Convenience & Transparency at Every True Value Showroom

Wide Range of Second Hand Cars for Sale in Guwahati

Customers can look at the extensive inventory of used cars for sale in Guwahati in the large display yard at a True Value showroom. This gives them more options while identifying the second hand cars that they prefer. Certified preowned cars from Maruti Suzuki True Value are available with 1-year warranty and the added advantage of 3 free services.

Get Complete Details about Cars by Scanning QR Codes

Upon reaching the pre-designated Maruti Suzuki True Value showroom, you just have to scan the QR code on the old cars at True Value in Guwahati that interest you by using your True Value app. This way, you can get all the information you need about the second hand cars you prefer at the True Value showroom.

Let Your Dedicated Relationship Officer Help You Throughout

Every customer who visits a True Value showroom to buy second hand cars in Guwahati is assigned a dedicated relationship officer who is responsible for clearing their doubts and answering their queries. They help you go through pre-owned cars that match your preferences after understanding what you are looking for. From helping you with the test drive to guiding you through the documentation process, your relationship officer ensures that you have a personalized and convenient car buying experience while buying a second hand car in Guwahati from True Value.

All the Car-buying Services under a Single Roof

Be it finance, insurance or Maruti Suzuki genuine accessories, you’ll find it all while buying a second hand car in Guwahati at a True Value showroom.

Note – Warranty and Free Services may vary from one certified pre-owned car to another.

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Swift VXI

2012 | Petrol | 14,743 km

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