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Eeco 5-STR

2022 | LPG | 29 481 km
₹ 5 55 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 12136 *

Wagon R VXI

2021 | LPG | 57 074 km
₹ 5 95 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 13011 *

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LPG cars?

LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas or LPG is a popular alternative fuel among car owners who want cleaner and efficient mobility. LPG is a clean-burning fuel that that also ensures high fuel efficiency and lower running costs. Find the best used LPG cars at Maruti Suzuki True Value where you get the best used car buying experience.

Are second hand LPG cars safe?

Yes, second-hand LPG cars in India are safe. To ensure that you have a safe car-owning experience, all pre-owned cars at Maruti Suzuki True Value go through a stringent quality check spanning 376 checkpoints and are refurbished using genuine parts and accessories. If you plan to buy a pre-owned LPG car in India, then visit your nearest Maruti Suzuki True Value branch or download the True Value app on your smartphone and choose among the vast list of pre-owned cars as per your choice.

Where to buy used LPG car in India?

Buying a second-hand LPG car from a trusted name like Maruti Suzuki True Value ensures reliability and trustworthiness. To buy a second-hand LPG car in India, you can search from a list of pre-owned cars that Maruti Suzuki True Value has on sale by simply downloading the True Value app on your smartphone. Maruti Suzuki has a PAN India network of over 544 certified dealers across 277 cities. Visit your nearest True Value branch to buy a second-hand LPG car of your choice.

How to buy a LPG car from True Value?

All you have to do is download the True Value app on your smartphone and choose the type of car you want, according to your locality, model, price range, fuel type, and body type of the car. You can select your choice of Maruti Suzuki LPG car on True Value and rest assured of the quality of the pre-owned cars that True Value has on sale. You can also visit your nearest True Value branch after booking a Test Drive of the used Maruti Suzuki LPG car you prefer. Our expert staff at the True Value outlet will be happy to help you with all your car requirements and guide you through the whole car buying process.

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Make The Superior Choice with Maruti Suzuki Used LPG Cars

Considered to be the predecessor of modern-day CNG cars, LPG, to date, remains a popular fuel option among used car buyers. Buying used LPG cars comes with its own set of advantages as it is a cleaner fuel.

Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) is a mixture of propane and butane that can be sourced from natural gas or crude oil and is the third most widely used type of fuel globally. LPG is environmentally friendly, reduces your fuel costs, and being a cleaner fuel that produces very little residue, also helps extend the life of your engine, which makes for lower maintenance costs as well.

You can consider buying a second-hand LPG car for a vehicle that is low maintenance and fuel-efficient, fitted with lightweight cylinders that are easy to refill. With increasing prices of petrol and diesel, opting for 2nd hand LPG cars is a good way of reducing fuel costs. You can explore a wide range of used LPG cars for sale at Maruti Suzuki True Value and choose one that fits your needs and budget.

Buy and Sell Second-Hand LPG Cars at Maruti Suzuki True Value

Wide Range of Used LPG Cars

At Maruti Suzuki True Value, you explore a high-quality inventory of second-hand LPG cars. You can download the Maruti Suzuki True Value app to check out the range of cars available at nearby outlets, which you can find using the outlet locator on the app. Or you can visit Maruti Suzuki True Value and walk through the large display yard, where you can check out the available used LPG cars for sale. You can also use your Maruti Suzuki True Value app to scan the QR code next to the car and all the details about the car, including its owner details, age, etc.

Assurance of High-Quality Cars

All the second-hand LPG cars available for sale at Maruti Suzuki True Value undergo a comprehensive background check that includes verification of the car’s and its owner’s documents and a detailed digital evaluation with 376 quality checks. The second-hand LPG cars are also furbished using Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts and Accessories to ensure they are in perfect condition. Maruti Suzuki True Value also offers the convenience of opting for at-home evaluation of second-hand LPG cars for people looking to sell their cars.

Fair and Transparent Prices

With Maruti Suzuki’s scientific AI-based pricing engine, you can get the correct and accurate price quotes for 2nd hand LPG cars. The pricing engine uses artificial intelligence and data science to offer real-time price ranges that take several parameters into consideration, like the make and model of the car, condition, usage, depreciation, etc. This helps ensure that all 2nd hand LPG cars are fairly priced, and every transaction is transparent.

Verified Car History

All second-hand LPG cars undergo a comprehensive background check before being put up for sale. At Maruti Suzuki True Value, you get second-hand LPG cars with verified car history and ownership details as they go through pre-sales checks for original documents like insurance, registration certificate, kilometres covered, chassis number, etc. The car’s service history is also checked for an added layer of assurance.

Find the Perfect Car

The Maruti Suzuki True Value app and website offer people an easy way to navigate through the inventory of second-hand LPG cars. You can use the search bar and numerous search filters to refine your search based on the car make and model, fuel type, number of owners, kilometres covered, price, etc. to find a second-hand LPG car that perfectly suits your needs.

Book Test Drives

Making it easy for people to find the right second-hand LPG car with ease, Maruti Suzuki True Value makes it extremely convenient to book test drives for the vehicles you choose. You can book a test drive online through the app or website for a preferred time slot at a nearby Maruti Suzuki True.

Simplified Buying Processes

The process of buying second-hand LPG cars at Maruti Suzuki True Value is completely digitised, right from searching for the right car to comparing different second-hand LPG cars, checking all the important car details, calculating EMI, and booking a test drive. Apart from this, you also get complete assistance from a dedicated Relationship Officer, who helps you throughout the buying and paperwork process.

Seamless Documentation

You do not have to worry about the documentation process when you buy second-hand LPG cars from Maruti Suzuki True Value. The entire process of registration, RC transfer, and insurance purchase has been made smooth and hassle-free as every detail is taken care of by us.

Easy Finance and Accessories

When it comes to buying second-hand LPG cars, Maruti Suzuki True Value offers a comprehensive solution under one roof. From choosing from a wide range of cars to getting the car financed and insured – everything is taken care of at Maruti Suzuki True Value. You can even browse through a range of Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessories to personalise your car, your way, at Maruti Suzuki True Value.

Excellent Buying Experience

Recognized for the wide range of second-hand LPG cars and smooth customer services, Maruti Suzuki True Value leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that all customers have a hassle-free car buying experience.

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Swift VXI

2012 | Petrol | 14,743 km

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