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2024 | Petrol | 167 km
₹ 19 76 000

Fronx DELTA+

2023 | Petrol | 5 049 km
₹ 8 68 000

New Brezza VXI

2023 | Petrol | 11 957 km
₹ 10 00 000


2023 | Petrol | 13 061 km
₹ 9 85 000
2023 | Petrol | 33 495 km
₹ 10 95 000
2023 | Petrol | 12 665 km
₹ 11 50 000
2023 | Petrol | 28 425 km
₹ 12 80 000


2023 | Petrol | 5 000 km
₹ 9 15 000


2023 | Petrol | 10 027 km
₹ 8 80 000
2023 | Petrol | 7 698 km
₹ 10 50 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 22960 *

Fronx DELTA+

2023 | Petrol | 13 786 km
₹ 8 98 000
2023 | Petrol | 6 024 km
₹ 9 98 000

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best used SUV in India?

When it comes to buying used cars, the SUV you buy depends on the following aspects: -
• Features on offer
• Price range
• Performance and driving characteristics
Maruti Suzuki True Value offers a wide range of high quality used SUVs that you can explore, compare, and book test drives for, to find the car that suits you best.

Is an SUV better than a Sedan?

While sedans are well-suited for in-city and highway driving, an SUV offers you a sporty ruggedness and strength that make it versatile across different driving terrains. Modern SUVs also ensure ample features and comfort for the passengers along with good fuel efficiency and rugged performance. So, if your daily commute involves a lot of bad roads or if you want to try some off-roading, an SUV will be the better choice for you. You can find the right used SUV for yourself with ease at Maruti Suzuki True Value.

Which second hand SUV has the best mileage?

The fuel efficiency of second-hand cars depends on a lot of factors, like the original company-claimed fuel efficiency of that model at the time of launch, the car’s service history, how old the car is, whether the car has been involved in any accident, its engine condition, and how it has been driven to date.

Explore Maruti Suzuki True Value’s extensive range of used cars in India for an SUV that suits your needs and budget. You can check out the inventory of nearby Maruti Suzuki True Value outlets online where you will be able to see the details of all available SUVs, including their fuel efficiency. You can then compare the different options available to make your purchase decision.

Which SUV should I buy in India?

Buying a second hand SUV requires due research. First, check out the options you have available in the used car market. Then, you need to check the important details of the cars, including the number of previous owners, kilometres covered, service history, accident history (if any), whether proper documentation is in place, etc. Next, you need to ascertain the car’s condition and get it inspected for physical and mechanical issues. Other factors you can consider include the age of the car, the variant it is, the features it comes with, etc.

At Maruti Suzuki True Value, certified pre-owned cars undergo a thorough digital evaluation based on 376 checkpoints to ensure good running condition and quality. Explore the real-time inventory available at Maruti Suzuki True Value and find a good quality second hand SUV that fits within your budget.

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Swift VXI

2012 | Petrol | 14,743 km

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