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What Makes Maruti Suzuki True Value A Trusted Name In The Pre-Owned Car Market?


What Makes Maruti Suzuki True Value A Trusted Name In The Pre-Owned Car Market?

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You might be surprised to know that for every 100 new cars sold in India, more than 125 used cars exchange hands # . The pre-owned car space has been growing by leaps & bounds and the consumer today is no longer shy or skeptical of buying a pre- owned car. Well, definitely some credit for this change of behavior goes to OEM's ( like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda, Tata, Mahindra & more) who have redefined car quality standards in the Indian market & of course players like Maruti Suzuki True Value, which has been putting its heart & soul to organize the unorganized preowned cars market since 2001. It has recently revolutionized the pre-owned car purchase experience through amazing new True Value showrooms across various Indian cities. Here's a peek into what makes Maruti Suzuki True Value a trusted name in the pre-owned car market:-

1) What you see online is what you get offline

A consumer can not only check out the range of cars available at Maruti Suzuki True Value showroom sitting in the comfort of home (through the website/App), he can also book a test drive of the same. Unlike other cases where the car online may not be same as the actual car, Maruti Suzuki True Value stands tall on its promise of being trustworthy in this scenario. The actual car in a Maruti Suzuki True Value showroom is exactly the same as that on the website. This convenience & transparency in today's era by Maruti Suzuki True Value makes it a preferred choice for the consumer to buy a pre-owned car.

2) Verified Car History

Each car at Maruti Suzuki True Value showroom goes through an entire process of verifying the distance travelled, number of previous owners & service history based on the services done at authorized service center. This in turn means that user is assured about odometer reading, number of times the car exchanged hands and quality of the car. The OEM expertise of Maruti Suzuki is rubbed off to True Value & the professionalism reflected by True Value makes the consumer more confident about the choice of a pre-owned vehicle.

3) True Value Certified cars with 376 quality checks & Warranty

Along with the verification of car history, the used cars go through a stringent 2 step process of certification - digital evaluation through 376 quality checkpoints like examining its engine, suspension, interior, exterior, electrical parts & several other aspects. Only when a car passes the Maruti Suzuki standards, it's called as True Value Certified. Every car here goes into refurbishing mode however minor the requirement is & only Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts are used. No wonder, all True Value Certified cars come with a warranty of up to 1 year for added peace of mind along with 3 free services post the purchase. Maruti Suzuki True Value thus ensures that consumers find a used car highly reliable, thus earning their trust & confidence.

4) Dedicated Relationship Officer

Every customer who walks in to any True Value showroom across India is given a warm welcome by an allocated dedicated relationship officer who acts as facilitator throughout the purchase process. This makes the entire journey personalized & seamless as the same relationship officer handholds the consumer on every step across multiple touch points of car selection - test drive, loan approval & post purchase documentation. Maruti Suzuki True Value thereby makes the experience of pre-owned car buying as convenient & awesome as buying a new car.

5) Simple Hassle-free Post purchase Documentation

The usual post purchase pain point of the consumer is also efficiently dealt with at Maruti Suzuki True Value showrooms. Everything from RC transfer to insurance is facilitated by a dedicated relationship officer that makes the post purchase experience simple & hassle free. No running around after the previous owner, no follow ups & no headache makes a pre-owned car purchase an easy exercise for the consumer at Maruti Suzuki True Value.

It's this Maruti Suzuki True Value's commitment to transparency, quality & a consumer centric approach that makes it an obvious choice when it comes to buying a pre-owned car.

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