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7 Joys Of Life You'll Relate To If You Have Recently Upgraded From A Bike To A Pre-Owned Car


7 Joys Of Life You'll Relate To If You Have Recently Upgraded From A Bike To A Pre-Owned Car

8 minute read

We know owning a car has been like a dream come true for you. And, it has taken quite some time to get this desire of yours to materialise. While we can totally understand the spring in your stride & the change in outlook of others towards you after you got this prized possession, here are the 7 joys you'll definitely relate to if you have recently upgraded from a bike to a pre-owned car.

1. The joy of traveling with your family

No more choosing a person who will tag along with you or taking multiple trips on bike to make your family come for shopping. Now, you and your family can make yourself comfortable in the car & enjoy the feeling of being together. Whether it's a trip to relative's home or ice cream runs at night, the family can strengthen the bond with each other by being together in the car.

2. A sense of pride

Owning a car will definitely swell your chest in pride in. The neighbours, your friends & other members of the society are going to look up to you for inspiration to be successful. As car is a status symbol, the sense of pride of having it parked besides your home inspiring awe from the passer by matches no other feeling. Congratulations, you have arrived in life.

3. The joy of feeling fresh

Gone are the days when you used to feel dead tired & energy drained on reaching your destination due to travelling several kms on a bike encountering smoke & dust from the nearby vehicles. The new car will keep you safeguarded from all the dust & pollution & you'll feel daisy fresh when you reach your destination.

4. The joy of being weather proof

We know you can totally relate to those drenched days during rains when you wished that you had a car rather than a bike. Well, happy days are here. You no longer have to think 10 times before venturing out of home whether it's the dreaded monsoon, spine chilling winters or sweltering heat. Rain sensing wipers & AC in the car will keep your life sorted. Hence, no need to postpone/cancel your plans on the basis of weather condition. We know your parents are going to love it.

5. The joy of carrying the world with you

Say goodbye to the days when you had to take an auto or a bus because your bike didn't have enough space to keep other belongings like luggage. Your car can not only accommodate your laptop bag, toys for kids, gifts for festivals, food items for a picnic but also large suitcases for the days when you are going out of city. Now, you can even go to railway station/airport to pick your relatives with pride. You are about to enter the world of comfort.

6. The joy of being secure

We can't help but make you go down the memory lane to the days when your wife/mom used to wonder if it's safe to wear that jewellery being on a bike. Or the days when you used to evaluate if you should keep your expensive items in that bike storage compartment. Well, no need to lose your sleep over it now. We don't need to put more emphasis on your own safety in case of an accident (God forbid). A car is much more secure than a bike & you'll very soon realize how upgrading yourself to a preowned car has turned out to be a smart decision for you.

7. The joy of being entertained

Your distance to your workplace is going to feel a lot less when you travel while humming to your favourite songs in the car. Imagine the joy of listening to your own playlist on your way back home after a long tiring day at office. Absolute bliss. Even navigation becomes a breeze now to reach your destination in the shortest possible time. Yeah, none of it was possible on a bike , but that's what we call progress in life. Congratulations once again on getting this four wheeler into your life & we hope that it helps you to create newer fond memories with your friends & the family.

It's this Maruti Suzuki True Value's commitment to transparency, quality & a consumer centric approach that makes it an obvious choice when it comes to buying a pre-owned car.

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