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A Word of Trust

Verified Car History

Verified Car History

At Maruti Suzuki True Value, all the #UsedCars go through a thorough check. Find out how True Value ensures that there is a comprehensive background check done on the seacond hand car before it is put up for sale to our valued customers. The pre-sales checks include checking of the original documents, including the insurance, RC, kilometres run by the car, chassis number, registration number, etc. There is also a check performed on the owner's details, service history of the car, etc. While these checks ensure that the car's documents and owner's history match, the check for any structural damages ensures that the car has no flaws that can put you or your loved ones' lives in danger. These are just a few of the checks that are made on the pre-owned cars before they hit the floor. All this is done to retain the #TrustInTrueValue shown by our customers.

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Verified Car History

At Maruti Suzuki True Value, all the #UsedCars go ...

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Find On Web, Buy At Store

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