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  • Smart Hybrid Technology: A technology that cares for nature

    Green mobility has already taken centre stage in the automotive sphere all across the globe. Struggling with rising pollution levels, India too has been pushing forward with green mobility. Moreover, to encourage higher adoption of greener vehicles, the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India i.e. FAME – India scheme has been introduced.

Smart Hybrid Technology From Maruti Suzuki

The Smart Hybrid Technology employs a revolutionary technology for greener and more efficient mobility. Smart Hybrid Technology uses an integrated starter generator (ISG) and a high capacity battery to store energy created when the car decelerates/brakes. The stored energy is used to supplement the engine's power, resulting in a peppy, powerful and a more fuel-efficient car.

So how does Smart Hybrid Technology work?

When the car is in motion

The ISG, which has a motor function, will provide additional power to the engine, allowing the car to pick momentum at low revs. This is also known as the Torque Assist feature.

What it means in real-world driving conditions?

A light foot on the accelerator will be enough for the car to pick up pace. And since this will happen in a low RPM range, you'll be able to accelerate in a more fuel-efficient way.

*RPM – Revolutions per minute

While braking

The Smart Hybrid Technology technology works on the principle of Regenerative Braking. This means that when you apply the brakes, the kinetic energy generated is converted to electrical energy and stored in the car's Li-Ion battery.

What it means in real-world driving conditions?

Whenever you brake, a certain amount of electrical energy gets stored in the car's battery, which in turn will help with idle stop/start.

When the car is at standstill

As soon as the SVHS system detects the car is at a complete standstill, it turns off the engine. And when you have to move again, as soon as you press the accelerator, the car starts again thanks to the electrical energy stored in the battery (due to braking).

What it means in real-world driving conditions?

Daily commutes to work will see you drive in a lot of stop-start traffic. That is where this feature comes in handy, helping you save fuel whenever your car is on idle. It also saves you the hassle of starting the car again; as soon as you press the accelerator, the engine starts again.

Advantage of Smart Hybrid Technology Vehicles

  • Better Fuel Efficiency
  • With Smart Hybrid Technology, your car will consume less fuel, which translates to higher fuel efficiency and a better mileage on a full tank.

  • Auto Start/Stop functions
  • The Smart Hybrid Technology car turns off the engine when it is at idle. The engine restarts automatically when you press the accelerator. This helps lower the car's fuel consumption significantly.

  • Lower Emissions
  • One of the key reasons which make cars with Smart Hybrid Technology technology a greener option is the fact this combination helps to significantly reduce the emission levels, which in turn helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

With Smart Hybrid Technology, Maruti Suzuki is ushering in a new dawn in the Indian passenger car segment. It is the technology of today for the greener world of tomorrow!


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