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5 factors to consider before you buy a pre-owned car

With new car launches becoming frequent, an increasing number of car owners are selling their old models and switching over to newer ones. This has in turn increased the sheer variety of vehicles available in the pre-owned space thereby making investing into a used car a sensible option. A consumer is generally skeptical about purchase of a pre-owned car & hence needs to consider the following 5 factors:-

1. Budget

2. Type of Vehicle

3. Age of Vehicle

4. OEM or Direct Purchase

5. Hassle-Free Documentation

Ranojoy Mukerji New Delhi

A word of Trust

Know everything in and out!
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    The Smart Way of Making a Choice

    Digital Process to determine the preferences of the customer which help them find a car of their choice.

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    Ensuring Great Buying Experience

    True Value creates an excellent customer experience by living up to the benchmark set by Maruti Suzuki.

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    Hassle-Free Documentation

    At True Value, we ensure complete documentation to win your trust.

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    Find-On-Web, Buy-At-Store.

    Real-time availability on app or website.

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    Only Genuine Car Listings

    The pre-owned car you see online is what'll you get at the showroom. Come buy a True Value certified pre-owned car in the most hassle-free way!

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    Every Car is extensively Checked and Verified

    At Maruti Suzuki True Value, you get the assurance of 376 checkpoints, and the convenience of a dedicated Relationship Manager when buying a pre-owned car.


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True Value means Complete Trust

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  • Verified Car History

    The history of each car is checked and verified on three key aspects - kilometers driven, ownership and service records.

  • 376 Quality Checks

    Each and every pre-owned car is assessed and evaluated on 376 checkpoints to ensure not only quality but also complete peace of mind for the customers.

  • Hassle-Free Documentation

    Our dedicated Relationship officers take care of all the required documentation and paperwork seamlessly under one roof.

  • Find-On-Web, Buy-At-Store

    Book test drive for any desired car on our website or mobile app and the very same car will be waiting for you at the showroom.

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